Evaluation of Anti Tuberculous IgM antibodies for rapid diagnosis of both pulmonary and extra-pulmonary tuberculosis. ELISA assay based on mycobacterial antigen A-60 (Anda Biologicals, France) was used on the sera obtained from 69 cases of Tuberculosis and 136 controls in the population of Karachi, Pakistan. Of 136 controls only 21.3 % were positive for IgM antibodies and showing 78.7% specificity. A very high sensitivity 72.2% was seen in sputum positive active pulmonary tuberculosis. Relatively low 56.2% sero positivity was seen in cases of sputum negative active pulmonary tuberculosis compared to those of sputum positive active pulmonary tuberculosis. In cases of extra pulmonary tuberculosis 57.8 % sensitivity was observed. In cases of healed tuberculosis only 18.7% were found positive for IgM. The estimation value of IgM against A-60 for the diagnosis of tuberculosis is proved from our data. Considering all the cases of active tuberculosis and the controls the global sensitivity of 62.2% and specificity of 78.7% was found when IgM estimation was taken into account.

Keywords : Tuberculosis, Antigen A-60, Antibody IgM, Serological analysis, Diagnosis.