Cardio toxicity induced by chemotherapeutic agents can interfere with the cumulative therapeutic benefit and debilitate the elderly with a comorbid burden. The cardio toxic potential of 5-FU based chemotherapy is known, however the specific risk in elderly patients is yet to be defined. The gender specific risk of toxicity induced by chemotherapeutic agents has been a wide area of debate. This prospective clinical study is designed to assess the cardio toxicity in patients treated with two schedules of 5-FU with high and low dose leucovorin. The cardiac markers, blood pressure, glucose levels and pulse rate of the patients were monitored to suggest any toxicity imparted by chemotherapy. The comparative assessment was made according to gender and age group of the patients. Significant risk of drug induced hypertension was seen in few patients of age below 60 years. The risk of cardio toxicity was not significant in either gender; however substantial risk of cardio toxicity in few elderly patients exacerbated as anginal pain was reported.

Keywords : Age, cardio toxicity, gender, 5FU.