HCV is a global problem and the worst affected are the 3rd world countries. In our study of 802 patients 244 male and 161 females were positive for HCV. Majority of the patients were in age group 26-40 Years i-e 56.04% of the study population. Depression an affective disorder was found during screening in 85 (21%) of patients at base line level. This was elevated to 150 (37%) after treatment with IFN-α & ribavirin. Out of these patients 85 (56.6) had mild, 57 patients (38%) had moderate and 8 patient 5.4% had severe depression. We conclude that HCV is associated with depression and its intensity increases with treatment with IFN-α & ribavirin and needs effective control with anti-depressants.

Keywords : Hepatitis C, depression, interferon.