This descriptive study was undertaken to determine the pattern of Cardiac diseases among hospitalized patients during hajj 2011 because the world is now facing the growing prevalence of cardiac diseases. The aim of this study is to estimate the prevalence of the main CVD during hajj. A special form was used to collect information from patients' medical records including age, sex and nationality. One hundred and eleven patients, belonging to 20 different countries, with mean age of 62 years and male: Female ratios of 2.4:1 were admitted. Among the persons examined 34% had ischemic heart disease, 20% had elevated blood pressure and prevalence of stroke was 17% per cent. In conclusion, although this is a small study but it provides a brief overview of age distribution, regional and clinical pattern of Hajj in-patients. We would like to recommend to Higher Health authorities to advise and educate the hujaj regarding health care. This will reduce hospitalization rate and the burden on health services in Makkah and Medina during the critical session of Hajj.

Keywords : Hajj, cardiovascular diseases